After claiming the account owner of an organization, you will be asked to send us some proof that confirms that you represent or work for the organization. You can send us either: 

  • A link to the Team section of your organization website where you are featured

  • A scan of your organization ID card

  • A written declaration stating that you work at the organization

  • An email to with your organization’s personalized email—e.g., so-and-so@organizationname.example. Don´t forget to include the name of the organization you want to claim account ownership of, as well as your organization´s WeChangers ID.

  • Any legal or official document (a contract, a water or electricity bill, etc.) that includes your name and the organization´s name. 

During the beta version of WeChangers, we are only able to confirm documents in English. 

Important disclosure: 

We cannot guarantee the accuracy of this verification process. Even if the organization has been verified by WeChangers, users should take all necessary steps to verify the adequacy, accuracy, or completeness of any information directly with the entities listed and its account owners.

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