At WeChangers we see a lot of value in having data publicly available. However, we understand that there are situations where you might wish to keep your data private.

Once your profile is created, you can edit your privacy options. You can opt to keep your profile:

  • Public - profile is visible to everyone: This means that all other WeChangers users will be able to search and find your profile. This is a great way to increase your visibility and networking opportunities.

  • Private - Visible to network peers: This option is recommended for when you wish to maintain a certain level of privacy but still want to be able to engage with your network peers, which are the members of the networks you are part of. 

For example: You and/or your organization are a member of network A and network B. If you select this privacy option, then all users who are also members of networks A and B will be able to see your profile. Users who are not in these networks will not be able to find your profile as it will be invisible to them. 

  • Private - Invisible to network peers: This option is recommended for when you wish to keep your profile invisible to all other members of WeChangers, regardless of any networks you might have in common. Please note that by selecting this option you are giving up on some very exciting features, such as being able to interact and message other users and network peers.  

You will also be asked to choose who should be allowed to send you messages:

  • Everybody: This option is only available if your profile is public and therefore visible to all other users. It means that any platform user can message you via WeChangers. 

  • Only people or organizations connected to your organizations: By selecting this option, you will only receive messages from people or organizations who are members of networks which you/your organizations are also part of.

For example: You or organization are part of network C and network D. If you select this option, then you will only be able to receive messages from users who are also part of networks C and/or D. Users who are not part of these networks will not be able to message you.

  • Nobody: If you select this option, nobody will be able to message you via WeChangers, regardless of any networks you might have in common. 

Please note that if you wish to reference, own or be a team member of a public organization, then your profile must also be public. 

You can revisit your privacy preferences at any time by clicking on "Settings" and then "Privacy" in your profile sidebar.

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