• Language: Your information should be inserted in English so that you gain a global reach, as English is the language that is most spoken and understood around the world. If you’re not comfortable with English, you can choose another by clicking on the language icon on the right side of the form, and select one of the other options we provide. At this time, you can use English, Portuguese, or Spanish. We’ll add other languages soon!

  • Privacy: When you create a private network from a private organization, users without permission won´t be able to find or access your information. Only organizations linked to your network, will be able to see your information or send you messages. You can also disable the messaging system. After connecting organizations with your network, you will then be able to receive notifications, updates, and messages from these connections.

  • Address: You must add your networks’ headquarters address, city or country.

  • Network category: Refers to the entities the network comprises: network of People, Organizations or Projects.

  • Network type: Refers to the nature and purpose of the network: Investment, Fellowship, Award or a Grant.

  • Areas: Choose one, or more, spheres of activity that the organization focuses on.

  • Tags: Add terms that may help others look for your project. Find inspiration from what you do, who you help, and which problem(s) you are trying to solve.

  • Profile and Cover pictures: It is important that your network has a good quality profile picture that may be your logo or other, please ensure it has a minimum size of 180x120 pixels. The network cover picture, will help users recognize your network and it should be at least 800x200 pixels.

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