There are five verification steps that need to be followed to guarantee the legitimacy of the knowledge and the level of your profile completion:

  • 20% The information was referenced by a regular user, and anyone can access the Team page to invite other members or claim ownership. At this point, the ownership is clearly Not Verified, as the account owner is unknown;
  • 40% The organization is no longer just referenced. An user has requested an account ownership verification. At this point, the account ownership is pending WeChangers approval.
  • 60% The account ownership was verified by WeChangers. This organization can now send and receive messages. Only at this point does the ownership become Verified. To increase your percentage, you must add additional information to your profile.
  • 80% The ownership is Verified and the organization form is totally filled in, but there are still not enough networks or awards linked to the organization.
  • 100% The ownership is Verified, all the information has been filled in, and there are a good number of networks and/or awards connected.

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