An application can go through multiple review stages and multiple Reviewers. These Reviewers can either be applicants or judges/specialists, which means that there is a possibility that these judges/specialists are not yet registered at WeChangers!

If that is the case, we recommend that you as a Challenge Manager, follow these steps:

Start by collecting your Reviewers email and enter them on SMApply either by filling out the Add User(s) form or by importing a CSV file (much easier!!)

  1. Click the Users icon on the menu bar

  2. Select the +Add User button

  3. Fill the form for a user or Import multiple by clicking the Import users... button. On either case, make sure you select the Reviewer Role

    Filling the Form

    Importing Users

Once you've imported or added every Reviewer, it's now time to Assign an application to a Reviewer

  1. Click the Monitor program button on the right hand side of your screen (if you don't see this button it means that you're already on the monitor page)

  2. Click the Reviews button on the header

  3. On the Review Dashboard, click the Manually assign button on the right side of your screen to assign an application to a Reviewer

  4. On the popup, select the Review Stage your wish to assign an application and if you wish to assign by selecting the Reviewer/Team or the Application (For the purpose of this tutorial we will select the Reviewers and Team method)

  5. Search (by entering the name or email) and select the Reviewer you want to assign an application to and hit Next.

  6. Search (by entering the name or email) and select the Application (or many applications) you want to assign to the previously selected Reviewer and hit Assign.

  7. The Reviewer is now assigned to an Application

Now that your Reviewers are all assigned the applications they must review, you should let them know that everything is ready for them to start their job

  1. Click the Users icon on the menu bar

  2. Filter the users by role and do so by selecting the Reviewers tab on the header

  3. Search (by entering the name or email) and select the Reviewers you want to notify by email

  4. Once you've selected all the Reviewers, click the Message icon above the table.

  5. Fill out the form's basic information (From, Subject).

  6. If you've already created an email template for this use case, you can click the Email Templates button on the bottom of the page and select any template that you wish, this will save you some precious time, so consider creating one.

  7. Finally, at the end of the form you have the ability to select when this email should be sent, either send it immediately or select a time and date according to your needs.

  8. Just hit the Send Now button on the bottom center of the page and you're all set!

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