You can use SM Apply to change the entire challenge page content.

Login to your SM Apply admin account, access the challenge you wish to change and click on Edit program.

Challenge details

The body content on the challenge page:

In order to change the challenge details access Program Basic Settings > Full Description is where you can change the content body.

Click on Save.

Challenge description tabs

You can create or remove tabs by editing the content HTML code.

On SM Apply:

Use a a <section> tag to add a new tab. Example:

The following <section> code:

Is added as a tab:

Cover image, challenge title, and sponsors

Access the tab extras to change the cover image, challenge title, and sponsors.

Challenge stages descriptions

Each challenge stage has its own description, that will be displayed once the applicant clicks on the timeline.

Access the Workflow section, and click on the stage you'd like to edit:

Challenge stages timeline

The timeline will follow the stage titles and dates of your workflow. Any change in the workflow will be displayed on the timeline in a matter of minutes.

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