The Call for Applications platform back office is powered by SM Apply. Please follow the steps below to make sure that your new challenge works as expected.

To begin, sign in on SM apply account.

In order to create a new challenge, please follow these instructions.

Once your new challenge is created on SM apply, make sure the following setting is unchecked.

Set up the challenge basic assets, by accessing "edit program" > "Program settings" > "Extras"

Add the links to the following required fields:

  • Community link:

This is the link to the challenge community in the homepage.

  • Cover image.

This is the URL for the challenge cover image.

  • Challenge name over the cover image, and sponsor logos (Optional).

When filled will display the challenge title and sponsor logos over the hero image.

Application name, cover image, and location

Applicants will provide this information during the application process.

In order to display this information on the applications cards and page, you'll have to create automation on SM apply that will save the user answer on a applications form on an applications custom field on SM apply. This is calling piping on SM Apply.

Access the automation tab on SM apply challenge edit mode.

Click on "Create Automation" and follow the example below.

On the last step "DO" you must find the exact form field where the information comes from. On the example above, the application name is retrived from the form "About your project" - "Project name" question.

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