In order to submit your application, click on the "Participate" button. Keep in mind that the Button will only be available if the applications stage is open for a given Challenge.

You'll be redirected to a Sign up page (if you already have a WeChangers account, you can choose Sign in instead).

After successfully registering a new account, you'll receive an email for us to confirm you own the email address.

Once you click to confirm your account, you'll be redirected to the Application form, where you can start your application.

Your application is organized into tasks. Click on each of them to access the task details.


Example: Public entry form

Make sure you mark all tasks as complete.

Mark task as complete

Once you've completed all tasks click on Review to make sure it looks fine.

Finally, submit your application by clicking the blue "Submit" button.

Your application will soon be displayed on the Challenge page. You can access it by clicking on the Edit or View buttons, in case the Application Stage is still open and allows for changes (be aware you need to be signed in to do that).

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