If you are a community manager, click on your profile picture to have access to the menu, then click on Community Management.

You'll see the complete list of members on All Members, Received requests to join, and Pending invitations.

You can also search for members.

Accept/Reject requests to join.

And check on pending invites:

Click on Edit to set a user as Private, remove or change a member's role.

Inviting new members

You can either select someone that is already registered on WeChangers or invite a new one to join.

Click on Search People, select the member or click on the link to invite a new one.

To invite a new member, add his/her name and email address, future role in the community, and click on Invite.

The new member will receive an email with the instructions to register and will be added to the Pending section.

If you did a mistake or want to revoke the invite, click on Remove.

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