Step 1 - Access your Online Community URL

Ask your community manager for the Online Community URL, where you will have to enter your email address. This is a security measure to ensure that only the actual owner of the email account is able to access the private community. 

Insert your email and click next:

Quick notes: 

  • Email must match the one given to your Community Manager. 

After clicking “next”, a confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox (please also check your SPAM folder).

Step 2 – Choose your password

Once you complete step 1, you will receive a new email with a link. You should follow this link to confirm your email and set your password.

If you can’t find the email in your inbox, remember to check the junk and spam folders.

Click on the button “Click here to define your password”:

After that, a new tab will open with a form, so you can continue the registration process. 

Complete the form and click next.

Step 3 – Complete your profile

Your profile form will now appear for you to complete. It may have pre-populated information, which was provided by your community manager. Edit as you wish – it’s your profile!  

Mandatory fields: full name, email, birth date

We recommend you add as much information as possible, but after completing the mandatory fields, you may skip the remaining fields by clicking “Confirm” while still being able to complete your profile later.

Don’t forget to insert a Profile Photo. It will help other users recognize you.  

Click Confirm and you’re all set! 

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