• Language: The information must be inserted in English to have a wider reach, as it is a language that is spoken and understood around the globe, either as a mother tongue or as a second language. However, if you’re not comfortable with the English language you can opt for another one by clicking on the ‘language icon’ on the right side of the form and choosing one of the other options we provide.
  • Ownership: Tick the box if you are the account owner or the person representing this organization.
  • Address: You must add your organization’s headquarters address, city or country.
  • Organization type: Please choose the option legal structure that defines you best: 

Social Organizations:
If you are looking to promote your projects and find funding opportunities:
. Non profit
. Social enterprise
. For profit
. Government
. Individual

If you are funding or actively supporting social organizations:
. Foundation
. Family Office
. Venture Capitalist
. Corporate
. Fund
. Government
. Private Bank
. Other

  • Areas: Choose one, or more, spheres of activity that the organization focuses on.
  • Tags: Add terms that may help others to look for your organization. Find inspiration on what you do, who you help, which problem(s) are you trying to solve. 
  • Privacy: When you click on Make this Organization Private, your information will be private, and no other user will have access to it. Only the account owner and other team members are able to see the information. You can also create a private network and link to existing organizations. This will enable you to follow and receive notifications about the organizations linked to your network. It will also give them permission to send you messages. You can make your private organization public by editing your settings. Please be aware that if you make your organization public, there is no way to make it private again. All your organization information, including projects and networks, will be public and searchable.
  • Profile Picture: It is important that your organization has a good quality profile picture preferably your logo; please ensure it has a minimum size of 180x120 pixels.
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